Sesame Talent

Recruit great software developers and scientists with curated lead generation and sourcing analytics.

What we do

We comb through billions of source code contributions, projects and competitions to find top engineers for you, ensuring you refer only the best talent to your clients.

Source code analysis

We analyze source code contributions to millions of projects to identify top technical candidates.

Vetted skills

We look at real projects and competitions to thoroughly vet software developers and scientits at scale.

Communication assessment

We assess project-based discussions to better understand a programmer's ability to communicate effectively.

Profile summary

We compile profile information from multiple sources and help you reach out with the help of smart templates.

Technical recruiters

72% of employers evaluate technical candidates based on their public portfolio. We comb through billions of public contributions to find top engineers, ensuring you refer only the best talent to your clients.

Engineering managers

We know good code when we see it. We identify high value-add developers for engineering teams by searching for effective contributors to projects relevant to your area of expertise and peer-reviewing their work.


We continuously identify untapped developers working in relevant domains so you can quickly hire community-vetted engineers with relevant experience, and scale your engineering teams with confidence.

Now in beta!

Sesame Talent is now in beta testing with select early customers. If you would like to participate by receiving free technical leads for your company or agency please sign up now.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or want to explore partnership opportunities with us. We strive to respond to all messages within 24 hours.